$299 Weeks Explained!

Here's How $299 Weeks Work!

$299 and $399 Per Week - No Service Fee - Are NOW OPEN to Book and can be added AT ANY TIME!  

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Hi! I'm Dave Robinson, owner of Condos and Townhouses in Florida.  

My wife Patti and I lived in Ohio and Illinois for years and eventually moved to Florida once we had several Vacation properties to rent.  Click HERE to read our story.  When we lived up north, we always thought Condos (and Townhouses with Private Pools) were TOO EXPENSIVE for the average family to rent, so we did something about it.  We thought the high prices kept a lot of folks from taking their kids to Disney or the beach.  

First, we got RID of the "Extra Fees" that some websites charge you direct when you place a booking on their website.  

So, with these "Fees" no longer a problem on OUR website, we then developed our super low base rate of $299 per week for a 2 or 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Condo OR $399 per week for a 3 Bedroom 3 bath Townhouse with a private pool in the OFF season (For unsold weeks last minute when we announce them).  This makes various weeks available for just about any budget.  

Our Condos and Townhouses are located in Beautiful Windsor Hills Resort just 1 mile from Disney World Property, and up and down the coast at the Most Beautiful Florida beaches that are closest to Disney World.  We want to help families be able to afford to come to Florida like we did for years.  Our Guests LOVE the Concept, be sure to read our REVIEWS, posted on every property page!  

$299 or $399 per week does NOT mean every week of the year is priced $299 or $399.  (All other weeks will cost you MORE per week as a base rate - unless we run a special just for that week only).  You will want to BOOK early, because just like the lowest priced seats on an airplane, these $299 and $399 base rate weeks seem to ALWAYS SELL OUT VERY QUICKLY ONCE WE ANNOUNCE THEM.  Remember, it's $299 or $399 BASE rate.  Then you add cleaning, charges, and taxes on top.  But, if you want to come to Florida and spend LESS, this is the way to do it.  You will want to sign up for our

We invite you to shop around and compare prices.  I don't think you'll find a better deal for a Condo or Townhouse THIS NICE.

We are offering our Windsor Hills $299 Condo and $399 Townhouse weeks at any moment... stay tuned to our newsletter as we announce these weeks, and once they sell out, they're gone til 2019!   If you just want the LOWEST rates of the year, Search from Mid August up until October, and at the last minute in Low demand periods for the LOWEST rates. Same at the beach.  Some of our Beach Condos are even LESS than $299 per week!

Generally speaking:

HIGHEST RATE WEEKS:  Christmas, New Years, Spring Break (Feb, Mar, Apr), Winters at the Beach.

LOWEST RATE WEEKS:  MAY, EARLY JUNE,  MID AUGUST to OCTOBER, and AFTER Thanksgiving up to Christmas Weeks.

Thanks again, and come try our Condos and Townhouses! We know you'll LOVE it.  Please book soon to avoid the sellout of these great deals!  

Notice the RENTAL RATE is $299, The CLEANING is $95 and up depending upon size, and the TAX is 13.5% at Disney area or 12% at Cocoa Beach.   Shop around, see if you can beat that price per night in the fall for a 2 or 3 Bedroom Condo at Windsor Hills or at the beach... I don't think you can!  And remember, NO "Service Fee" when you book direct through us, but you must contact us FIRST, not find us through a different website then try to switch direct to us.  

Our Condos at Cocoa Beach in the Fall range from between $179 per week for a 1 bedroom, to $599/$699 and higher for 2 and 3 bedroom units.  

Here's to your GREAT Vacation!    

-Vacation Central Florida